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“Insight Derma Clinic: Skin | Hair | Mind” is founded by Dr Pranaya Bagde and Dr Sharath Kumar
Bathini. The clinic is established in October 2020 in Panampillynagar, Kochi, Kerala. It has a unique
conceptual philosophy of treating people for skin, hair and psychological issues. It is one among the
fewest Psycho-dermatology and Functional Medicine Clinics in India.

We exclusively have Hair Transplant surgery and Cosmetic dermatology in addition to General
Dermatology, Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine. Our hair services are in association with Hairfree
and Hairgrow clinic and we provide all hair procedures specifically Hair Transplant surgery, PRP and
Meso therapy. Psycho-dermatology deals with stress related to skin conditions where stress either cause it or aggravate it.

Ours is a liaison clinic of Psycho-dermatology where skin specialist, psychologist and if needed psychiatrist sit together and manage the issues well.Functional Medicine deals with issues related with our day-to-day lifestyle matters, nutrition, physical activity, environmental conditions, toxins, our personal relationships and emotions. We have a team of experts in each of these to understand and regulate your lifestyle. This team is headed by Dr Manjunath Sukumaran, Our Consultant Health Coach in association with Harmony Wellness Concepts.

In India, we have associated stigma to skin and mental health problems. With increasing prevalence of these conditions, provision of a one stop healthcare is much needed initiative. With this thought, we founded Insight Derma Clinic: Skin | Hair | Mind. It is an unique destination where healthcare services are provided in interconnecting fields of skin, mind and lifestyle diseases. We practice evidence based medicine and treat a person’s health as a whole being.

Insight Team

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Dr Pranaya Bagde

Consultant Dermatologist, Psychologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon

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Dr Sharath Kumar Bathini

Managing Director and Assistant Hair Transplant Surgeon

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Dr Sarada Sreedevi Amma

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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Dr Manjunath Sukumaran

Certified Health Coach

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